1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan

Owner: Gina Edwards, Renton, WA 

See Gina's 1957 Nomad here


Getting Started -

The paint was badly chipped and you can see the original black primer on the fender.

The engine -

The engine with almost 45 years of grime!  It's amazing the car still ran!

Woo hoo!

Dad and I celebrating the true "start" to the restoration project on a cold February morning, 1999.


This looks like more work than I was thinking.

Pretty firewall!

April '99

Pretty dash!

Pretty "new" engine!

May 1999 - you can see some body work on the roof and door has started.


Now the real fun begins -


Getting the fender ready -

Almost time for primer.  Talk about a father - daughter project!

The white paint is on!

I was beginning to believe we were getting close to being done.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

It's Gorgeous!

(June '99)

July '99 -

First piece of trim goes back on the car.

At the Run to the Roses Fun Run -

Portland, Oregon.  August 1999.  Received "Top 5 1955 Stock" trophy - my first ever!

We've since replaced the carpet -

the rest of the interior is next!

Bowtie Chevy Int'l Convention -

British Columbia, August, 2002.  We received a bronze certificate.  She still looks great and is driven as much as possible!