1957 Chevrolet Sport Cruiser Renovation

Night driving is fun with all the neon inside...

Having some fun!

There's nothing like getting your hands dirty tearing apart something you don't intend on keeping.  This was the case for the removal of the existing engine/transmission in the limo.  As I mentioned in the Preparation page, I finished the garage extension and threw a garage warming/teardown party.  Most of the same guys that helped tear apart the donor car were back again to help with the limo teardown.

To make the job of pulling the engine a bit easier, we decided to remove the radiator and core support.  Well, removing the radiator was a piece of cake, but the core support was slightly more of an issue!  It turns out that the previous owners of this car were short on bolts but had plenty of welding rod.  Not only was the radiator core support welded to the splash pan, but the pan was welded to the inner fenders, which were welded to the fenders.  In the end, we removed the entire front sheet metal in one complete piece.  I had no idea that I had a 1 piece front end!

Anyone looking for a 1-piece front end???

Once we had the sheet metal off, the engine came out in a matter of minutes.  Again, it's easy to do if you aren't planning on putting it back in again later.  A couple snips, a couple bolts, and out it came.  A quick e-mail to club members and it was gone from my garage as well! 

Snip-snip and yank!  Out comes the engine

Now, the thing that had us scratching our heads was what suspension was on there.  It certainly wasn't the stock suspension, but no one could identify it - meaning it wasn't any common modified clip.  Care to guess???  The answer is on the next page...

Hmmm...  Never seen shock towers like that before

Any guesses on what this came from originally?


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