1957 Chevrolet Sport Cruiser Renovation

Have you figured out what this suspension is from???

Some questions, some answers and some more questions...

On the last page, I ended with showing a picture of the front suspension holding up the limo.  Here's another shot of it but about the only potential giveaway is the bumper stop in the middle of the upper control arm.  That and I found the markings "POW-A-RAK" on the power rack-n-pinion unit.  If you do a Google search for this you'll find a UK based company called Adwest Engineering that claims they developed the very first power rack unit originally produced for Jaguar and Triumph.  They also do units for Land Rover and commercial vehicles but I felt I was getting somewhere with this information.  I sent the details of my findings to a club member who owns a local garage and he suggested taking some pictures to a Jag shop.

No problem... I contacted the jag shop and they were extremely helpful.  After seeing just a couple pictures, he not only confirmed that I indeed have a jag front end on the limo but he then pulled a customer's car on the lift so we could take a closer look at the parts.  Yep - the same as what I have (only cleaner).  My first mystery was solved!  I walked away from the shop with this new knowledge and a full set of part plans and numbers.  Those Jag guys are alright!

Now on to the real fun...  I know what I have for a suspension now, but there's no way I'm going to keep it the way it is.  Even cleaned up, those shock towers are atrocious!  And, if you could see the detail in the front sheet metal we removed on the teardown page, you might have noticed that big holes were cut in the inner fender to make room for these beastly things.

So, I've been told by the engineers at Art Morrison's shop that the Mustang II spindles are too wimpy to handle the weight of the limo so their front end wouldn't work for me, but my current thinking is that I could use parts of their solution (like the crossmember, engine mounts, coilover brackets and control arm brackets and just use the jaguar control arms and spindles.  This should work fine and is what I'm working towards...

At this point, I'm about to begin cutting off the front end, but not until I first have complete measurements on what's there currently and tacked in braces.

Stay tuned...


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