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1957 Black Widow Article from Danchucks

Saturday 4/17 - Garage Tour


Santa Showed up for this years Annual Triple XXX Jingle Bell Cruise

New Chevy ads seen in Detroit

NWCCC member Marc Buehler makes Sunday's Seattle Times NW Auto Section

NW Autos – Sunday – Nov.1

“When Marc Buehler purchased his 1957 Chevrolet six years ago, he expected to replace the upholstery and maybe give the car a paint job. But after more than 40 years of longing for his classic beauty, that would have been too simple.”

2009 LeMay Open House 

The Fastest '57 Chevy in the World

jet-truck-closeup4x3.jpg   Collectible cars are holding up surprisingly well in this down economy. The reason? Boomers with bucks. An old car is an increasingly popular way to recapture the excitement of our youth. In this GB Classic, Marc gets an unforgettable ride in a '57 Chevy that has been "slightly" customized. Fasten your seatbelt -- this is gonna be a wild ride.


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Puyallup - Goodguys National - Friday - 7/24 

05/31/09 Delta Park Opener - Portland - submitted by Greg Weld

Bud's Cooling Problem Fix by Greg Weld

Original Email Request that went out

"Bud’s Nomad overheated yesterday while waiting in line for Cruzin’ to Colby.  He has a new 4-core Griffin Aluminum radiator with fan shroud, a mechanical fan, and a 180 degree thermostat.  He’s looking for a pusher type front mounted electric fan and an alloy overflow catch tank to solve his cooling problems.  If anyone can help him please call Bud’s cell at (206) 601-1762."

Greg Weld fix and solution

BUD stopped by after I talked to him... and I looked at, and adjusted a few of the following things:
His fan blade is 1" off the radiator - and he has a shroud - and the fan blades are half in and half out of the shroud -- PERFECT.
The radiator showed between a 20 and 30* DROP in temp from top to the bottom -- perfect. This is idling in gear for a long period (20 minutes).
He has a 180* Thermostat - which my digital (infrared) measurement showed was working just fine - opening and closing. 
I tested his system for leaks - it held pressure perfectly.... but his CAP was a low 7 #'r --- NOT ENOUGH CAP.

His idle was about 100 rpm too low "in gear" - he was at 600... not enough fan flow that low... I adjusted his idle to 700ish IN GEAR. This is where you sit at a light - or in traffic - not in NEUTRAL/PARK... His torque converter is tight - and drops the idle 200 RPMs when dropped in gear.

His timing was "okay" - set at 9* - I bumped it to 12* (initial) after adjusting the carb etc. 
His carb was LEAN.... I adjusted it using the tried and true vacuum plus tach method - highest vacuum and highest tach reading.... A lean condition on the idle circuit will add heat... Lean is hot - Rich is cool. Lean for a day - rich for life... LOL

The radiator CAP was a 7 # model -- not high enough with a 180* thermostat.... so gave him one of my 15 # versions - that will raise the boiling point.... and keep the coolant in the radiator on shut down... also added one bottle of Water Wetter.... Water Wetter is a surfactant (fancy name for soap) it makes the molecules slicker so they make better contact with the surface (of the block and of the radiator cooling fins) just for good measure. 

According to my fancy dandy measure tool - his temp gauge (after market) reads about 20* HIGH... but this depends on where the sender is installed. I didn't spend any time to figure that out... it doesn't matter... it only matters that he's not boiling over... if the sender is in the head near an exhaust port - it's going to read higher than my measurement at the actual thermostat. I'm interested in real readings taken at the thermostat - the top of the radiator - and the bottom of the radiator (temp drop).

Then we went to Dixies BBQ and had lunch.... EEEEEEEHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Cooling system issues can be "stacked up" against you. There are all manor of things to work against you here.... and if your system is working well - i.e., good radiator - good fan - good thermostat.... then adding fans etc is just putting lipstick on a pig. There is a reason the system isn't able to pull the heat out -- and you have to find that reason... not just cover it up. My bet is his number one issue was the low idle coupled with the low cap pressure....

Now we'll wait to see -- cool days and freeway cruising won't tell us a thing. We'll need to wait for a 80* day and bad traffic or a slow cruise. 
Greg Weld

Old Rides Show at the Triple XXX on 05/24/09 by Mario Pipkin

Cruzin' Colby 2009 - May 25th

Cadance Paulino's  very correct and very original '54 Corvette that her father bought from Tom Crooks in 1984 at the Triple XXX Spring Opener - May 17th.

Click on the image below to open up the PDF.

May 2009 Autotrader Classics Article about the show

        Bud does the Sockit Wenches         

Hot Rod Hall of Fame Banquet

Gina Edwards was inducted into the Hot Rod Hall of Fame on April 25th.  Clockwise from top, members Bob Jennings, Dave White (webmaster), Mark Wadzinski (Pres.),  Fred Edwards (father), Gina, Elena & Tim (hidden) Sellers, Scott Swindling (Sec.) and Steve Foltz.

Gina was also selected to serve on the Banquet Committee for the 2010 event. 

Submitted by Greg Weld - 04/13/009 - "Trainload of Trucks"

Bud Worley in Hot Rod Hall of Fame by Gina Edwards  (Nomad News)

Jerry Yoder's Garage Tour - Saturday March 21st (vernal equinox)

'56 4 door 210 hardtop photocake

No only did the get the right model, they got the correct color.  HB dude!!


I invited Bud to meet me at the LeMay Club Auto last night because I’d never gone and didn’t know anything about it.  As a long standing member of the museum they send me reminders every week to come over and check it out.  For more information about Club Auto click here
It’s open to the public and you don’t need to be a member.  The address is 11200 Kirkland Way in Kirkland, WA. 98033

We were greeted by Dominic Dobson the Director of Corporate Development for the museum.  Dominic is a former world class driver with over 20 years of competing in motor sports events such as Sebring, LeMans, Daytona and Indianapolis.  He took us on a short tour and pointed out a recent acquisition of an absolutely stunning 1948 Daimler.

Here’s Bud holding on very gently to the million dollar plus Daimler. This was a local car that was restored to the highest level possible and is spectacular to see in person.  There are about 30 or more cars there that include Jags, a DB2 Aston Martin, early Porsches, and even a Dusenburg.

Peter Hagaman who is on the LeMay Steering Committee was also gracious enough to show us his own personal collection which is housed next door in a separate facility.  I’ve known Peter for over 30 years when I used to race vintage Ducati motorcycles up and down the West Coast.  Peter has a wonderful collection of very original and very correct Ducati’s singles and also a 750 Sport and Super Sport.  He also has a Norton Manx 500cc racer (unobtanium) along with lots of memorabilia.  Peter is a noted Pebble Beach Concourse judge along with putting on and promoting the Concourse at Carillon Point here each September.

Peter’s collection includes not one, but two Mercedes Benz 300s, one a gull-wing coupe and a convertible.  In addition he has several Porsche Cabriolet’s and a number of historic Bently’s.  As we were wandering around I noticed an ISO – Daytona.  During the 60’s and into the 70’s ISO produced a number of exotic Italian supercars (Grifo and Bizzarini) with traditional Ferrari like bodywork, but they were powered by Chevy small-blocks.  Peter’s ISO Daytona is one of only two in the world and features a cross-ram Weber setup shown on the left.

He was kind enough to start it up and it sounded unlike any Chevy I’ve ever heard  It reminded me of the most exotic double-overhead cam 4-valve 12 Ferrari sound, it reved instantaneously like a top fuel dragster and shrieked when pushed towards the top of it’s rpm range.

To say the least this was far more than I had expected on a cold, dreary February Thursday night.  So if you’ve got some time to spend, take a moment and head on over to Club Auto on Thursday evenings or Saturday mornings, they’d love to see you and everyone is welcome.

Dave White and Bud Worley

Photo by Mario Pitkin

Photos from Mario Pitkin of the Old Rides Car Club at the Dick's Event


It was a great little event down at the Dick's 55th yesterday.. Fair weather and great cars and owners! Thank you for your part in making it happen. All three network news channels covered the event as well as radio.
Please feel free to pass along this photo hosting website of my photos of the events.

I look forward to partnering with your club in a event some time in the near future!

Jim Giordano
Giordano's Vintage Motors
Tel 425.333.5600

Our beloved Dick's Drive Ins is celebrating its 55th Anniversary this month and would like to offer vintage car owners the opportunity to be a part of our "Delicious Memories" kick-off on Wednesday, January 28!   We'll have media in attendance at a press conference that morning (Wed. Jan. 28), so we are looking for several 1954-1957 Chevrolet and a 1920s-early 1950s hot rod or two of any make, to display around the Dick's

Wallingford location. We require cars with visually correct, 1950s appearance. If your car is chosen to participate you'll get some professional photos, possible media coverage, a Dick's T-shirt and some Dick's Dollars (redeemable at any Dick's location). -- not to mention the opportunity to share your own Dick's memories! Dick Spady, who is now 85, and his son Jim who runs the business, will be hosting the event.

Event Timeline: Wed. Jan. 28 -Staging of cars will begin at 9:45 am. and end at 11:15 am
Pre Photos to be taken between 10 am - 10:30 am - Press Conference is at 10:30 am
Cars will need to be off the lot by 11:30 am (to allow for the lunch rush hour)
Dick's Drive In - Wallingford
111 NE 45th St.
Seattle, WA 09107
Please email or call Jim Giordano or call Bud Worley (425) 235-0825 (home) or (206) 601-1762 (cell) if you would like your car to be considered for this event.
Vintage Car Coordinator
Jim Giordano
tel: 425-985-4259
Owner Giordano's Vintage Motors
Carnation, WA 98004
email: gio@sprynet.com