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Car Show Questions

Want to know more about our next car show?  If your questions aren't answered on our car show page, then send them to us in e-mail at

General Questions

Have a question or comment that you'd like to send to our club?  Send us an e-mail to and we'll do our best to answer. 

President - Mark Wadzinski
Secretary - Mark Wadzinski (acting Secretary - Please Volunteer!)
Treasurer - Steve Rummel
Webmaster - Please Volunteer!

Mailing Address

Want to send something to our club?  Here's our address:

c/o Mark Wadzinski
13188 SE Newport Way M-201
Bellevue WA 98006

Call us

While we prefer email contact in our club, we understand there are times when a phone call is the best way to reach us.  For those times, please give our club Ambassador, Bud Worley, a call:

Bud Worley  (206) 601-1762