Club Member Cars

Ambassador Bud at the Triple XXX Spring Opener signing autographs

Mike and Rena Woods 1957 restoration that won an award the first time out
Mike and Rena did all the work themselves
Bud Worley's 1956 Nomad

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Dick Campbell's Original 1955 Nomad
"Washed and brought back to life"
Dave Ramstad's 1957 2-door Bel Air Sport Coupe
"June Bug" plus 57 Bel Air History


Matt Togstad's 1955 Model 3124 1/2 ton Cameo Pickup
plus Cameo history
Dave White's 1955 3100 1/2 ton shortbed

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Marc Buehler's 1957 2-door 210 (sedan)


Stan Beck's 1957 Fuel-Injected Corvette
plus Corvette history
Ed Hughes 1957 4-door Bel Air Hardtop
Stanley Mowre's 1955 2-door Bel Air Hardtop
Ralph & Lynn Baumgardner's 1956 Bel Air
Steve Bender's 1957 Bel Air

One of the cleanest you'll see.  Check out more pictures and story here...
Chevy High Performance


Pete Cartwright's 1957 Bel Air

See the work in progress pictures...

Bill & Helen Cook's 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe

Read all about Bill & Helen's awesome '55

Gina Edwards' 1955 Bel Air

I've had this car since I was 16 - or for 14 years, you do the math!  I drove it to high school and college, but retired it for a couple of years when I got a job and had to get a "commuter car."  In 1999, my father and I decided it was time to get it back in shape, so I had the 265 V8 engine rebuilt (with the unleaded gas conversion kit), my father did all the body work to repair dents and scratches, and we painted it in his garage.  I also put in new carpet, re-chromed the bumpers, and replaced various pieces of trim that were badly in need of it.  It has a lot of neat features, such as a spotlight, a rear speaker, and tons of accessory trim.  I drive it whenever I can (in nice weather, of course!)
and enjoy showing it as often as possible.

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See Gina's 1957 Nomad build up

Fred Edward's 1955 Nomad

Follow all the places Fred's Nomad has been

Eric Frimodt's 1955 Bel Air

Read all about Eric's mid-life crisis

Mick & Susie Hunter's 1955 Del Ray

Tons of pictures!


Jim Jordan's 1957 Bel Air

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Mike Kurtz's 1957 210

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Mike Lenci's 1957 210

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Larry and Karen May's 1957 Bel Air
Rick and Kathleen Murphy's 1957 Bel Air

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Steve and Jean Rummel's 1955 210

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Charles and Judy Russell's 1957
Tim & Elena Sellers' 1957 8-Door Limo

What Fun!  This is one of very few original 8-door Airport Taxis made in 1957.  Some folks say there were 200 made, others say there were only 20.  Either way, this is a fun car for our family.  Originally, there were four bench seats inside (one for each set of doors).  Rumor has it that the back two faced each other.  In this one, the third seat has been removed and the second bench turned backwards to give more of a limousine feel to it.  It has in it red and white interior with a killer sound system and several varieties of neon lighting.  And, of course, it also has the privacy window between the driver and passengers.

The next project for it is to give it "new" mechanical parts.  I have a donor '95 LT1 Caprice Classic Police sedan which will be parted out to breath new life into the limo.

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Bill & Lynda Toftdahl's 1955 Bel Air

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Larry & Julie Vannoy's 1955 Bel Air

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Mark Wadzinski's 1956 210

Read Mark's wonderful story


Jim Wagner's 1956 Bel Air

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Greg Weld's 1956 Nomad

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Neal West's 1957 210

More pictures and a glimpse of his '55 Del Ray build-up!